It’s not only the MP’s Commission - other groups are working hard too

I write in response to Peter Parfitt-Kings letter published in the Gazette on Wednesday May 7. It is clear that he does not understand the purpose or function of the MP’s Commission. It was certainly not formed to get Stephen Lloyd MP elected as it wasn’t formed until after that had happened! Its function is to bring like-minded individuals in the town together to go that little bit extra and give the people of the town what they would like to see. Successes have been the Town Team led by Lucy Newport and the efforts they have gone to in improving the retail image of Eastbourne. The street market led by Tim Tradewell, which has provided us with a much-wanted boost to trade. The Carnival made a welcome return after 15 years of absence. On a more practical level the Transport Group managed to convince Southern Rail of the need for a weekly parking ticket at the railway station and they duly obliged. This is just a scratching of the surface of what the Eastbourne Commission has achieved. The members of the MPs’ Commission are all volunteers and some are known to be voters for candidates other than Stephen Lloyd when it comes to political persuasion! The town is keeping its head up despite the economic climate because members of the community engage in such voluntary activities - look at the work of not only the MPs’ Commission but voluntary groups such as Round Table, Rotary, Lions, various cause specific charities of which there are many and so on. Don’t moan about it mate - get up off your backside and be part of it because it’s what is keeping Eastbourne a great place to live.