It’s not attitude, it’s fortitude

WITH regard to the recent Herald column about “less attitude more gratitude”.

Trade Unionism has been honed to its current successful level from its foundations set in the 13th century continuously adapting, supporting members workers, standing up against violent, corrupt, ignorant, misguided governments, employers, masters, monarchy and inventors and now are, in their own right, equal to any institution and have a clear voice that can be heard without fear, to negotiate better terms and fairer conditions for everyone across the board.

Their representatives, teaching others, can only teach the truth in a transparent way because their teachings, rulings and statutes are recorded for everyone to see.

So the strike which took place on November 30, was a stand against an intolerable system which abuses the workers of this country be it the private sector or public.

Bear in mind if it was not for trade unions we would not have equal pay, flexible working, TUPE, education giving workers opportunities to go back into education i.e. skills for life courses, maternity pay, weekends off, holiday pay, parental leave, national minimum wage, equality in the workplace such as discrimination be it disability, racial, sex and so on.

We have a good raft of employment rights in the workplace because of dedicated people working hard by campaigning and lobbying previous governments and the European Union.

These rights are now enjoyed by the private sector.

I ask the question what is wrong with justice and fairness, equality and equity, democracy, unity and working together?

The river of blood that has literally flowed whilst this process of evolution took place, has now transfused itself into the bodies and passions of those who are still born to fight for the rights of everyone, the right for every voice to be heard and those rights once given to stand and if needed to be revalued as the test of time pushes against them because the reason trade unionism has survived and thrived is down to them seeing what has become outmoded, what should be dismantled and totally cast aside completely. 

Trade Unions want prosperity for all, not austerity by clinging to mistakes and outdated, archaic laws that are no longer relevant.

Some people can handle truth, some people cannot and if they cannot, it is maybe not right for them to do so in this lifetime and the other person who it is right for should let it be and move on in their path as it is a tool of their life’s journey and a weapon for their armoury to defend themselves and others.

This is not attitude this is fortitude and those who see people striking for rights as having a poor attitude should look at themselves and ask themselves whether it is others having an attitude problem or them having a perception one!


Chatham Place