It’s not all about tourists and students

An artist's impression of what the new shopping centre could look like
An artist's impression of what the new shopping centre could look like

THE success, or otherwise, of any proposed regeneration of the town centre and the Arndale, depends on the amount of money people have to spend in a time of recession, the ease of transport, buses not just cars, the age profile of customers, shops which the people actually want to visit, and above all, not destroying the character of the place where we live.

People living in or around the town centre will not wish to walk miles when all they may want is some free-range eggs and a litre of milk. It’s not all about tourists and students.

We used to have an industrial and commercial sector, now mostly gone. We are not replicating Brighton or, thank goodness, Hastings. We have our own identity and a beautiful seafront we should be able to walk to.

Please don’t start messing again with bus routes, but introduce more services across town.

Also we mustn’t drain the life out of surrounding places like Polegate, Hailsham, etc.

Councillor Pritchett is right to draw attention to the concerns of Willingdon and other over-developments proposed for Hindsland and Mornings Mill, and the need to maintain local shops and our much-loved library.

The grandiose schemes worry me. People who saw the by-election in Bradford on TV will have seen how plans for a huge shopping centre fell through after the foundations and demolition had already begun and they were left with a massive area of dereliction. We must be absolutely certain of it being a success. Big is not always the most beautiful.


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