It’s like... you know, annoying


From: Paul James Dellow

The Avenue

I must get this one off my chest. Young people, well mostly the young, when being interviewed on radio or television seem to have developed the appalling habit of using the word ‘like’ before and at the end of a sentence.

As far as I know, like means similar or agreeable.

Recently, I heard a university student start most sentences with like and I must have counted a further dozen throughout the interview.

Where did this deplorable mis-use of the word come from?

‘You know’, is the other one that exasperates me. I am often tempted to reply, ‘Well, I will if you tell me’.

Politicians can be some of the worst offenders here.

Even a headteacher I have known (Oxbridge educated) when speaking off the cuff to an audience of parents would use this phrase several times during a ten minute address.

Like, you know, I don’t like it.