It’s a nightmare on the buses

nce again it is the time of the year when at Terminus Road bus stops one can witness almost a civil war.

In particular the service The Loop is the one which is involved.

The foreign students are here and they do not know or they do not want to know that queueing to board a bus is the normal procedure.

At the bus stops there is no sign of any supervision from language school staff, and most of the stage coach bus drivers do not seem to be aware of the fact that they are in control of the situation.

Recently I attempted to board a bus and the driver had a rather overweight female flirting with him, adding to the obstruction one had to overcome in order to find a seat.

This week sees the commencement of the school holidays of those who are resident here, and also nursery schools will no longer be operating so there will be an increase in the number of prams on the buses.

In particular the Loop route conveys people to the hospital, many of whom are disabled or elderly.

As I have seen it is a frightening situation which, with adequate supervision, could be avoided.

Of course the recent high temperatures do not help and tempers flare.

Could someone in authority take charge of this distressing situation?

It does not require the wisdom of Solomon to ensure that Eastbourne is a pleasant place in which to use public transport, winter or summer.


Lindfield Road