It not be beautiful - but I have seen no rot

I HAVE read interesting things in the Herald letters page, where we all feel free to vent our spleen. But the (very) long one from a Malcolm Rasala absolutely astonished me.

Not only his endless list of the nastiest words in the English language to describe Eastbourne (he must have had a dictionary at hand) but also revealing someone who has an enormous chip on his shoulders.

Whatever has Eastbourne done to deserve such a tirade? And as so often with someone of his ilk, his information about the town he lives in is well out of date.

He should read the information in the council magazine to learn what pretty marvellous things are to happen in the next few years.

Our councillors, ‘timid rabbits’ he calls them, do their best no doubt. As for an MP ‘suffering acute visual impairment’.

We know who he means, and that particular MP is the most hard working and enlightened example I know of.

It is obvious Mr Rasala actually revels in turns of phrase such as ‘rotten ugly pier’. It may not be beautiful, but I have seen no rot.

‘A carbuncle of a town’ – he can’t have visited many towns or does he really think that Cannes is better?

As for ‘a worn out deformed scar of a town’ and ‘no lovely houses’! Go for a drive Mr Rasala and observe the beautiful houses. Yes Eastbourne needs a facelift. She will get it.

As a matter of a fact we live here because we love it and in particular because it is not like Brighton.

Perhaps Mr Rasala stays cocooned in his harbour house so he has no idea of the wonderful things going on, not least the events staged in the superb new Birley Centre by the Friends of the Towner, Sussex Opera and Ballet Society, and others and the vibrant art and cultural life within the town.

So I suggest Mr Rasala finds another town to live in. How about Brighton?


Chairman Friends of the Towner