Is this how we treat veterans?

I recently met a man who has just had his 90th birthday. I asked him where he had served in the war.

He replied army in the North African campaign and all the major battles such as El Alamein, he then fought in Sicily, and Italy, and finally he came back for the Normandy landing, landing on Gold Beach on the 6th June 1944.

He was wounded during these campaigns also for a short while taken prisoner.

However, his age and superb war records appear to count for nothing, that is as far as his doctors’ surgery.

Having broken a finger and needing it re-strapping he rang his surgery to ask if they could re-do it for him but was told he would have to wait a week for an appointment to undertake a task that would take no more than five minutes to do.

If I had had the strapping to do this I would have done it myself, as I did not I advised him to go to the chemist, where I am sure they would have obliged.

Is this how we treat our veterans, men that we owe so much and they get no more consideration than anyone who did not go through what they did 70 years ago.

He was to say the least very disappointed by the way his surgery treated him and felt that people who have given nothing for this country would receive better treatment.

Whoever his surgery is I hope they read this and feel ashamed and turning down a man of such age perhaps they did not know his war record but they do now. Surely they could have fitted him in for what was a five minute job.

I, as someone born just before the war, feel very ashamed and hope this letter is a wake up call on how not treat our veterans who without very likely would not be here now.

Alan Cooper,

Bakers Farm Park

Upper Horsebridge