Is there curfew on the elderly?

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FOLLOWING a visit to Eastbourne for five weeks in November I wanted to say how nice it was to visit my home town from our home in South West France.

We stayed near Manor/Gildridge Park and it was great to see the positive way the parks are used by the community.

We brought our cycles and enjoyed riding the Cuckoo Trail and riding along the seafront to the Marina.

What did surprise me is what happens to the older people in Eastbourne at night.

Walks through the town centre at night left me surprised and dismayed that the town centre seemed to be a no go area for the over 50s.

I was left wondering if there was a curfew for older people who had to remain in their homes at night.

The town seemed to have been taken over by young people who were intent on getting drunk, shouting, screaming and swearing.

With the new laws concerning drinking times in the pubs and clubs it was sad to see Tony Blair’s plan for continental drinking had not worked.

France has many problems but the young people know how to drink without damaging their own health and making life unpleasant for others.

In no way is this a critism of the police who are reduced to attempting to control this crazy situation. I saw them working with sensitivity firmness and a sense of humour.

Perhaps a new year’s resolution for the new year should be for older people in Eastbourne is to take their town centre back.

They pay for the services. A resolution for the town council should be to close down the pubs and clubs who do not control their establishments.


Lezignan-Corbieres, France