Is Patrick Warner a victim of party politics?

So, the whole process of reminding, warning and arraigning council tax defaulters can now take place, less than three months into the fiscal year. It took longer than that, when we refused to pay Thatcher’s poll tax.

Cllr. Patrick Warner (one of the defaulters) thinks that people will have little sympathy for him.

Well, his business failed, because creditors defaulted, so, very probably, he’s the victim of his own party’s policies; which are deepening the depression and leaving many unable to pay their debts.

Maybe we should be asking where his sympathies lie, now that he’s one of the victims.

The so-called “Green” council in Brighton chose to slash its employees’ wages, provoking a strike by the bin men. And who could blame them? £4,000 less per year?

As a result, we saw rubbish piling up in the street. East Sussex County Council slashed Adult Services and we can probably expect that to add to the clogging up of hospital A&E departments, in due course.

Perhaps Eastbourne Borough Council have decided, instead, to push under residents, who are are struggling to keep their heads above water?


Hawks Road,