Is Nick really a Tory in disguise?

I HAVE just seen the local news which featured Nick Clegg during his Sussex walkabout, a chap who this time last year was extremely popular, and now is not so, the TV reporter informed us.

I fully agree, and it’s prompted me to rewrite a verse of the Elvis classic ‘Devil in disguise’ which I feel sums him up perfectly,

You look like a Lib Dem,

you walk like a Lib Dem,

talk like a Lib Dem, but I got wise.....

You’re a Tory in disguise!

As the Lib Dems get pulled further and further to the political right, are the party that locally used to tell us ‘a vote for Labour is a vote for the Tories’ going to change it to ‘A vote for the Lib Dems, really is a vote for the Tories?’

I doubt it very much but it’s true nonetheless,

Les Claridge