Irrelevant tosh at the Towner

Open letter to the Towner:

YOUR Open Art Exhibition does not fulfil the experience one would expect in my opinion.

I would have thought that an exhibition of this kind would show a far wider genre of expressionist painting, abstraction, figurative paintings, social comment of emotional human and social events internationally with a representative number of imaginative conceptual works and a broader range of highly commendable sculpture.

My visit on Saturday, April 2, to the Towner, was yet another disappointment because of the works chosen.

Let’s face it, this could be a very important calendar annual event instead of a sparsely array of pathetic irrelevant tosh, with a very few exceptions, none of which were of much consequence.

As a constructive suggestion, you have a great space that could be made far more exciting, with some imaginative surprises that could create and exhibition worth coming to see in the future with the works displayed sympathetically.

That is if, the will factor is within the grasp and minds of the curators and directors of the Towner Gallery.

R.A.C. Elliott

Millbrook Road