Investing in town’s assets

I WAS amazed to see Cllr. Tutt’s statement (April 4), on the closure of the bandstand for major works... “after many generations of under-investment in Eastbourne’s architectural heritage, the council is facing up to the need to properly examine how buildings like the Bandstand and Congress Theatre should be safeguarded and improved”.-

Excuse me but does he think Joe Public is stupid? Isn’t it obvious buildings have to be maintained to prevent such deterioration - this seems to have come as a surprise to Cllr Tutt.

The report mentions this was ‘planned’ maintenance which seems illogical in that such deterioration of the bandstand must have been obvious if the reported annual surveys had been carried out but not acted upon.

‘Planned’ would also not warrant the cancellation of concerts for two months at least, in what is Jubilee, Olympics and 20th anniversary Airbourne (minus Red Arrows) year.

Ironically perhaps the same people were responsible for overseeing the condition of the Congress and Wish Tower cafe?

On the positive side it is refreshing to see Cllr Belsey (April 13) break ranks and criticise the council for a lack of asset management, not that words will do much good, the damage has already been done.

Perhaps instead of paying out thousands to consultants, the council should think about investing in the actual assets of that go towards making Eastbourne what it once was and hopefully will be again - a unique south coast tourist attraction which generates much-needed income.

Thankfully they’re not also responsible for the Pier.


St John’s Road