Inspired to write in praise of the DGH

Having just spent a fortnight in Eastbourne District General Hospital and witnessing the treatment, care and compassion shown to a very sick man in Seaford 4, I have been inspired to write in praise of the hospital.

This poor man suffers with MS or some similar complaint, and has no hope of ever living a normal life. He was desperately ill and during his worst period he was never left alone.

All day the nurses tried to wake him and feed him, but to no avail, he didn’t open his eyes all day, but they persevered very gently and patiently.

Next day he had improved and the care continued to try and restore some quality of life for him, even though it wouldn’t be much. I am incensed by some of the written criticisms of this hospital which, like many others, is suffering from cuts and shortage of staff.

Having been told before my recent operation that my chances of living through it were less than 50 per cent I expected the worst, in fact I felt like a prisoner under a death sentence hoping for a reprieve!

Now I’ve got one, thanks to the professionalism of the surgical and nursing staff. They, together with all those working in EDGH for the health and well-being of patients, deserve praise not criticism.

I have been in and out of Eastbourne hospitals since 1987, am now 92 years old and have to say that there has been no difference in my treatment to that of a man in his 20s, so the fact that many say that “they don’t want to know when you’re old” is so untrue.

It does not apply to this hospital; I don’t know about others. The treatment from some patients to the staff is often quite despicable, I have witnessed verbal and physical abuse from some male and female patients for no apparent reason.

Never any from staff to patients, their behaviour leaves noting to be desired. So, I would say to all those complainants who criticise the EDGH to be sure of their facts, and if they or their relations complain, think of these devoted people who are looking after their health, are sometimes at risk to their own.


Upper Sherwood Road,