Initiative based on current figures

I READ with interest Alex Hough’s letter regarding ‘Where does this figure come from?’ - referring to the local Conservatives wish to reduce the number of elected members and thus the burden to the ratepayers.

First and foremost, it is well known to us that we need to seek permission from the Boundary Commission - we have already asked if it would be possible - in light of the Prime Minister’s desire to reduce the number of MPs by 50 (which will obviously need a boundary commission review of the whole country) - to include Eastbourne in their scope - thus not causing any further work.

I would respectfully suggest to Councillor Hough we Conservatives do not ‘dream up’ figures as she suggests in her letter (perhaps the Liberal Democrats do?) and the amount claimed by 27 elected members for Eastbourne Borough Council in the last full tax year was just under £118,000.

It does not take many fingers of many hands to see that a reduction of a third of councillors while not reducing the amount by an exact third, would produce savings of at least £25,000 a year - thus giving the factually correct figure of £100,000 over four years.

I look forward to the people of Eastbourne giving their open and honest views on this new Conservative initiative,

Sandie Howlett

Deputy leader

Conservative group

Eastbourne Borough Council