Inaccessible to emergency services

EASTBOURNE Borough Council have brass necks to nominate Old Town recreation ground for QE II Fields Trust.

What an insult to Eastbourne residents who have treasured Manor Gardens as their own personal space to sit in or pass through respecting its tranquillity and historical creation by the original owners of the Towner Manor House.

During latter years these gardens have been severely vandalised.

Contrary to the wishes of residents in that area Cabinet has forced through a plan to erect a skate park.

All common sense and reason has been dumped on the tip.

Health and safety are surely the major reason for not placing a skate park in an inaccessible place which ambulances and fire crews will have difficulty in reaching.

The infant playground and cafe in Gildredge Park adjoin the boundary fence. Access to the basketball court and other courts in Manor Gardens is through open gates which are locked at sunset.

However, I know as well as most younger people one can slide through or climb over the gates. So much for guaranteed good planning.

Now I wonder what the hell I was fighting for in the last war – apparently not better government.


Furness Road