In full agreement with a visitor

What a beautifully crafted letter you published from our Swiss visitor Michael Green-Ferranini in your last issue (May 6).

The way that the letter was written had all the style and entertainment value of a short story, proving that good English is still written, albeit not always by English people!

By the way, I fully agree with Mr Green-Ferranini’s point. Tourists have more to expect from a town that boasts a ‘welcome to the sunshine coast’ than the aggressive, unhelpful and downright rude response from a parking warden that he received, the official clearly intent, as our correspondent so humorously suggested, on bringing more sunshine into the lives of visitors and residents alike.

Can we have a little common sense injected into these people who patrol our streets so conscientiously?

This town relies on visitors to a great extent for its livelihood. Let’s not deter them by the use of petty bureaucratic diligence.

Graham Kendall

Broad Oak Close