In a time of austerity, do we need so many officers?

THE photograph of the “topping out” ceremony of the Morrisons building in the issue of the Gazette dated May 30 prompted me to write.

Whilst the subject of yet another supermarket in that area is another very contentious issue I would like to question the make up of the VIPs attending.

It does seem, in these days of severe austerity, particularly as regards Local Government and the Public Sector, we see in addition to the Council’s Chief Executive (whom I do not think I have seen before), an economic development officer, development manager, and senior head of development and environment

I do question how we can support so many officers with a similar remit All these development managers do not seem to be able to coordinate the vital works on our major assets The Congress Theatre, Bandstand, Redoubt, and Wish Tower.

All places vital to the success of the tourist trade, which unlike new supermarkets, is the lifeblood of the town.

As a resident with a love of Eastbourne that spans exactly 60 years, I can clearly remember the County Borough being run by one Town Clerk Francis Busby ably assisted by qualified professional advisers.


Macmillan Drive.