Improved doesn’t mean ‘the best’...

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THE familiarity that Stephen Lloyd MP clearly has with George Orwell’s novel 1984 is evident in his use of “newspeak.”

Example: the MP’s letter in support of the recent Liberal Democrat election campaign applauds Eastbourne Council as “the best”, thus magically transforming its actual rating of “most improved.”

The iESE Audit referred to was of a small sample of councils that are being mentored. Of these Eastbourne was the “most improved.”

The iESE did not judge our Lib Dem Council as “the best” and even “most improved” does not mean that we are still not the worst in the South East, as found in the 2009 assessment.

So in plain English we are doing better, that is all, “weasel words” from Mr Lloyd do not change the reality but many people, nevertheless, have been deliberately misinformed.

Michael Black

Hardwick Road