If you don’t like seagulls then move!

PERHAPS your two recent correspondents who are having so much trouble with seagulls would be happier if they moved to the city or country, but then maybe the pigeons or crows might cause them a problem.

Seagulls live beside the sea, but people can choose where they live.

I have lived in Bexhill for more than 60 years - some of those years on the seafront - and in all that time I have never been kept awake at night, and I would venture to say that very rarely have I heard seagulls at night.

I do not live very far from the sea now, but I have never been put off having barbecues or sitting in the garden, nor have I ever seen or heard of a seagull attacking anyone.

They may defend themselves if they feel in danger.

Our children and grandchildren were brought up here and they were taught to respect and love animals and birds, and they have never shown any fear of seagulls.

Your neighbour, in kindness, feeds birds who may find it difficult to fend for themselves.

God created more living things than humans and we are all entitled to our share of this earth and food.


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