If the shoe doesn’t fit....then what?

MY FEET are a big problem. How often I see a pair of lovely shoes only to be told, “Sorry we don’t do your size”.

My size is 10 and it’s impossible to find a shoe shop in Eastbourne or local area selling shoes for ladies with my size feet or larger. Why when we are told more and more of us have bigger feet than our predecessors?

I have had this problem since teenage years and it hasn’t improved and an option is to buy on line and here there are very few outlets for us ladies.

Medissa shoes in Leeds are brilliant and one I use time and time again and they keep a record of your details and offer advice over the telephone.

There are a few others but not so many and it takes time ploughing through the sites making selections that generally only come in standard width fittings.

Even in London stores that stock larger sizes are at a premium - it can be despairing.

I hope with the regeneration of the town centre a retail outlet will come to Eastbourne that will either sell large size shoes or at least we will be able to order them - not brogues, not bulbous sandals but shoes that when we look down at our feet we can say they actually they look really good in these shoes.

So retailers, help those of us who like attractive shoes and go beyond a size eight or nine: please stock sizes up to 10 and even 10.5 and make us ladies with larger than average feet very happy.

There is a niche in the market which needs to be filled for where in the South East is there such a store?

Cllr Annabelle West

The Goffs, Eastbourne