If Bexhill can kept its town clean, why can’t Eastbourne?

Will you please explain why nothing seems to be done about the potholes?

Practically every road we take has dangerous pothholes in them.

Our tyres are showing wear which is due to wheel alighnment, which is down to the potholes. It is not always safe to avoid themand £80 plus for new tyres is expensive.

With the high percentage that East Sussex takes from our council taxes, why isn’t more being done?

Having lived here all my life, I am now ashamed of my town, walking round the streets,strolling along the promenade, dodging dog poo.

Streets down town look very dirty and rubbish is just thrown onto the streets. Eastbourne was once a nice clean town. It is just getting worse.

This is bad for tourism and the town.

If Bexhill can keep their town and promenade clean and looking very inviting , why can’t we?


The Crescent.