Ideas wanted for more links

SEAFORD has been twinned with German town Bönningstedt since 1984. The Town Council is looking, quite rightly, at what value the town and its people place on this link, and what other areas of overseas co-operation the town might enjoy and benefit from.

There is a working group of interested councillors and other people with twinning experience, but are looking far wider than traditional links between two towns.

Schools, clubs, businesses, interest groups, as well as the council, could benefit from links with similar, or perhaps vastly different, groups abroad. Links could be by email; exchange of photographs, newspapers, music or video; by personal visits; tourism links; or festivals of food, art or sport. There could even be links, probably using email and websites, with all the other Seafords world-wide!

Rather than reinvent the wheel the working group would like to compile a comprehensive list of the links that already exist: between schools, clubs eg. Rotary, football; churches; bands and choirs; and even individuals.

You are invited to send details of existing links with towns, groups or individuals, outside UK, to the current chair of the working group, Peter White. Peter, as town crier, is already linked with three other towns abroad.

Ideas for types of future links, whether formal twinning, reciprocal visits, or electronic communication, would also be welcomed. Drop brief details, and contact information, by email to, or by brief letter to Peter White c/o Seaford Town Council at 37 Church Street.


Valley Drive, Seaford