I was punished by over-zealous parking wardens

On a recent visit to the Curzon Cinema to see ‘Lincoln’ I parked in a clearly marked loading bay. As it was after 6.30 pm.

I assumed that it was legal to park. Imagine my surprise and chagrin when, on returning to the vehicle, I discovered a parking ticket protruding from beneath a wiper-blade.

The loading bay in question was outside a restaurant. The time on the ticket was after 9 p.m.

Two amused security guards had watched me retrieve the parking notice and were discussing the issue.

I wound down my window. They opined that nobody would use the bay for loading in that area after 6 pm – a view which struck me as probably correct.

It takes a brilliant mind to dream up a parking scheme which would rather have empty parking bays than allow cars to fill them in the evening. The Curzon and other places of entertainment in downtown Eastbourne can ill afford to have custom excluded by over-zealous parking wardens. I wonder whether other Eastbournians or visitors have enjoyed the same thrilling experience.

To make matters worse, the film, apart from Daniel Day-Lewis, was a bore. Like this letter.

MICHAEL KAYE, Stream Farm, Wilmington.