I was moved by the story of firefighters’ bravery

I was extremely moved by the item on page 14 of the Eastbourne Gazette of Wednesday February 13.

In an account of the service held the previous week to remember the six fire fighters who were killed when a German bomb landed on the former Eastbourne Central Fire Station in 1943 the view is expressed – “what these fire fighters did must never be forgotten.”

Fortunately their untimely deaths will always have people to remember them. Sadly it seems that the many others who died in the town or suffered horrific distress through enemy action have already been forgotten!

The wonderful memorial sun lounge and restaurant at the Wish Tower erected in memory of the people of Eastbourne who suffered so much during World War 2 and built with funding from the local Foyle family is no more!

Neglect and mismanagement have forced its demolition, I imagine much to the distress of the Foyle family who I believe, understood that it was to be refurbished.

Ironically, a while ago a member of this generous family was honoured in appreciation of his efforts for the towns people of Eastbourne!

The present state of this memorial to those who suffered so much during the war really is a disgrace. I have a friend who lived here during that war and she has told me of the many attacks made on the town, including the machine gunning of people in the street!

PAT BOYD, Granville Road.