I raised concerns about hygiene

HAVING read Mr. C. Moffatt’s letter concerning the Wish Tower Restaurant (Herald, January 6,) it prompted me to respond as I had alerted Environmental Health about the woeful state of the restaurant 18 months previously.

After a visit with my elderly parents for a cup of coffee, I was horrified at the shabby and dirty state of the premises.

The carpets were badly stained all over and threadbare, the upholstery on the chairs was ripped, the paint on the walls was peeling off in large pieces and the radiators were rusting – we didn’t dare visit the toilets!

I was embarrassed to have taken visitors to Eastbourne to such a shameful place and duly telephoned Environmental Health the next day.

They thanked me for my concern and stated that they were “aware” of the problems and were keeping an eye on things.

So, I also ask how was the place allowed to become so rundown and what were Environmental Health doing then and in the last 18 months?


Wish Hill, Willingdon.