I prefer our way of doing politics

Thanks to Martin Hillman and David Ellis [Letter Oct 31] for reminding me of the duplicity of the Lib-Dems. I had quite forgotten. But I find their other generalisation mystifying.

Could they provide supporting evidence that the three main political parties are “at war” with 99%of the population?

That means their own supporters presumably.

Further, if virtually all of the population is suffering as a result of austerity measures that presumablyincludes all those in the top income levels too.

So these high earners deserve our sympathy. On the question of balance in taxation I think they will find that the average taxpayer works for almost half the year for the Government who then re-distributes this contribution for the whole community. It is called wealth re-distribution. Reasonable balance?

The political stance of the writers is obscure but I sense the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” lurking intheir thoughts.

If so they might seek their destiny in North Korea or North Vietnam. Personally I prefer our way of doing things.

MICHAEL BLACK, Hardwick Road.