I object to current Brexit deal


From: Oliver Sterno

Saffrons Park

In or Out, whatever we feel; one thing is certain: not this deal.

The main issue for me is this: I am prepared to go along with “leave”.

However, what I object to is the deal we have been presented with.

The essence of the problem is the fact that until the Northern Ireland status is agreed, we will be locked into the EU.

This means that we would be made to continue “ad nauseam” to provide funding for the EU for various projects or initiatives which we would have no influence on.

Indeed, we may not even benefit from such investment.

At the same time we would be barred from participating in EU developments like the Galileo project, in which we have invested a massive sum and technology.

We could still be expected to contribute to it, since we are already involved in its development.

As for Northern Ireland: I envisage in decades to come that the EU would finally get fed up and insist on their own formula.

Until then, we would be trapped without any negotiation rights.

We would certainly become the EU’s lapdog.

We need to start again and negotiate a proper deal!