I may be 86, but the answer’s clear!

I WOULD like to wish all a happy new year.

On Boxing Day it was my 86th birthday and I should like to thank those that sent me cards and good wishes.

I am pleased to report that I am fit as a fiddle and I can walk without a stick. I can also still tap dance.

This means I will still go about doing all my case work as a councillor quietly without the need to send out letters or publications.

Looking back over my long life which extends to the 1920s before the Second World War I can clearly see how we arrived at the mess that we are in today so this entitles me to have a rant on how things could be put to right again.

There is only so much money in circulation in this county and if those at the top are hogging two- thirds of it there is only one third left in circulation for the rest of us.

So I come to cuts and I wonder why it is only the old and those at the bottom of the pile who always have to bear the brunt of these and we see no evidence of those at the top of the pile being affected.

For example, if your income is £200 a week, a £20 cut hurts but if your income is £2,000 a week a £20 cut would not even be noticed.

If we build our own trains and refitted our own ships it may cost a bit more but the workers would earn a wage and would pay income tax and not be drawing benefits off the state.

All fuel should be bought by the state and sold at the lowest price to the consumer as we are being ripped off by private enterprise.

Wind power is not constant enough but hydro and sea wave power is, so we must put a stop to the ever-increasing cost of fuel.

We must cut our imports to the bone and not export any raw materials, scrap metal etc. and re-establish our manufacturing base again.

Bring back our farms and grow as much food as we can using our own farm workers and making sure they get a living wage. Education, put teachers back to the coal face into the classroom 90 per cent of their time and cut out all this target rubbish and concentrate on the slow ones, teach them the basics so they can read and write.

Fewer Grammar Schools and more Technical Colleges, there is nothing to be ashamed of to be a craftsman or may I say to be PC a craftsperson.

Bring in more apprenticeships.

How about bring back more fun into the work place?

I remember in the 1960s I used to enjoy going to work solving problems and there was a little thing called job satisfaction.

We have got to find a way out of this mess and forget about that old chant we have got no money, someone has. God please help us for the sake of the next generation.


Victoria Road, Polegate