I’m surprised at lack of opposition to Tesco development

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I am writing in agreement with Jean Wagstaffe regarding a new Tesco in Little Chelsea and the negative impact this will have on the individual shops in that area, and am also surprised at the lack of letters opposing this development.

Surely the message was clear in Meads recently where there was a Tesco dropped in? It is completely out of character there in Meads, and I thought we had seen the back of this corporate vandalism.

I would also like to see what the alternatives were to Tesco, but with the power that Tesco has, they probably would have stood no chance sadly.

Yes, these stores (Tesco) do create jobs, but so would another type of store or several different shops if it was on these premises in Little Chelsea.

There are many food stores of all shapes & sizes already around town; Spar, Co-Op, Sainsbury’s etc,so its not really as if we are short of this kind of store, and I can’t see the likes of the councillors who have welcomed it in, shopping at this Tesco store either.

I also very much doubt there will be many of the Tesco “Finest” range available on the shelves in this new store, but I do imagine that the cigarette and alcohol sections will be nicely topped up on a regular basis.