I’m perplexed by the rubbish lying outside the Arndale Centre

I visit Eastbourne most days, and try to ignore some of the unsightly aspects of the town centre, as I am excited about the prospect of the town being transformed, and I want to be positive about Eastbourne’s future as an attractive town for residents and tourists alike, to enjoy.

However, I am totally perplexed about the GROT directly outside the Arndale Centre in between Clarkes Shoes and H Samuels, Jewellers.

I’ve been hoping each time I walk past the ghastly collection of dirt, litter, cans etc., enclosed by yellow fencing around two lovely trees that it will all be cleared up.

Even if the paving slabs are uneven, or the trees need trimming, by now, surely, this could have been remedied by the council?

I have recently been wondering whether it’s supposed to be some sort of artistic display, emulating the ‘unmade bed’?

Can anyone enlighten me, and others who have stood and looked with dismay at the ugly and dirty site, right in the centre of town.

Jill Hill, Upper Street, East Dean