I’m optimistic about the future

WHILE I fully understand the concerns of local people about the number of shop units currently standing empty in Eastbourne, I think Eastbourne can be reassured this is the same for all towns and cities up and down the country during these very hard economic times (Herald, October 14).

While new figures show there are currently 64 shop units remaining empty in the town, 11.9 per cent of overall stock, this is two per cent lower than the national average.

There are a host of stores in the heart of Eastbourne’s main shopping area of Terminus Road, with some in the Arndale. I think Eastbourne is performing better than some towns and cities who are seeing a far wider proportion of shops closing and sadly some may never reopen, although this I think is very rare.

I do not think the 18 shop units which are currently empty which visitors to Eastbourne see when they take the short walk from the station to the library will deter people from visiting.

We have been in recession before and faced hard economic times from which I think we have previously recovered from and have seen empty shop units both large and small reopening creating jobs along the way.

I think we will successfully recover from this recession which will regenerate great business opportunities for the empty shop units along Terminus Road and those in the Arndale centre which currently is the subject of great redevelopment proposals.

Eastbourne has a lot to offer being a very clean town and especially looking to the future where a comfortable convenient shopping experience for customers is concerned.

This will encourage and attract future businesses to move to the town. Things are bad at the moment but Eastbourne can be optimistic about the future and I think should be.


Rowan Avenue, Hove