I’m not impressed with new Beacon Centre - it devalues Eastbourne in one fell swoop

On or near The Beacon shopping centre, 24. Pic: JPIMedia
On or near The Beacon shopping centre, 24. Pic: JPIMedia

From: Michael Platt

Pevensey Road

Thank goodness we have a letters page and the views on the Beacon/Arndale centre are filtering through, quite rightly the public are not impressed.

The development is devoid of any wow factor whatsoever, no trees, plants, sculptures, fountains, background music or even simple seating areas.

The entrance with the shutter is more appropriate to a fish market and despite what Neil Crawford of Legal and General has told the Herald regarding retailers who have pulled out, if I were a retailer paying premium rent the Beacon development would not attract me.

No thought whatsoever has been given to presentation.

Legal and General have spent £85 million on a development and obviously have failed to employ anyone with artistic talent.

Of even more concern in the work being carried out in Terminus Road by East Sussex County Council and Eastbourne Borough Council.

Many trees have been felled including a beautiful horse chestnut which bloomed every year and was situated outside Barclays Bank – and for what reason?

So that we can be presented with cheap paving slabs with a few variations of grey/back slabs, three borders for plants or other greenery and is not irrigated, and a huge display of ugly street lighting more suitable for a dual carriageway.

Is this uninspiring ugly mess going to continue throughout to the seafront?

Once again, no-one connected to these works has given any thought to the presentation of the project.

Both East Sussex and Eastbourne council should cease work and have a rethink on the whole of the Terminus Road project.

To carry on with it in its present form is gross negligence and devalues Eastbourne in one fell swoop.