I’m clearing up after other dog owners

I CLASS myself as a responsible dog owner and I also dog sit/walk for friends and relatives. I am also an obedience trainer for the local dog club as well as part way through studying for a Diploma in Dog Behaviour.

Every day I walk over Seven Sisters Country Park at least twice down to Cuckmere Haven and back, and I am constantly amazed by the number of people who ‘go blind’ when their dogs defecate!

I have seen people look back, see their dog performing, and just carry on walking leaving the pile in the middle of the main walking areas!

On several occasions I have taken a carrier bag with me and cleared up after other people so I can continue to enjoy the daily walks.

However, I am not surprised that this happens as the dog bin is in a field out of sight to most walkers.

At present there are cattle grazing in this field and it has a sign which advises no dogs.

Surely, it would be far more sensible if this bin were to be relocated outside this field in clear view of the public and closer to the car park, as this may encourage more people to dispose of the faeces appropriately.

I have always owned dogs and it has become second nature to clear up after them - it is not a pleasant job but IS a big part of responsible dog ownership.


Badgers Copse, Seaford.