I’m ashamed by the amount of litter

Last week’s letter from Mike Grant on the subject of litter on the roads into and around Eastbourne struck a chord with me as I had intended writing in very similar vein to the Borough Council and to the Herald.

I am ashamed by the amount of litter strewn amongst the small copses which run alongside Cross Levels Way, especially where they adjoin the cycle and footpath alongside the new hospice development.

In the area running from Broadwater Way to the college entrance, there is a considerable amount of litter discarded .

The appearance does little to enhance one of the main approach roads into Eastbourne.

I did once ask a council employed litter collector why they did not do something about the litter amongst the trees.

The answer?

Health and Safety rules prevens them going in amongst the bushes to collect litter!

I just despair at the namby-pamby attitude which seems to prevail amongst local governments and their employees.

I am more than willing to clear the litter myself (and even provide the necessary sacks).

I will do so if the local council make a donation to my chosen charity and I will provide and wear the appropriate protection to ensure the Borough Council’s image is not jeopardised.

The gauntlet is down.

ALAN SKINNER, Kings Drive.