I love where I live - that’s why I recycle

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Love where you live. Love to recycle. What?

When I saw this bossiness emblazoned on the five new bins that arrived, unrequested, outside my flat, I wanted to scream.

Love where I live? I used to, but thanks to the greed of the council, and their unnecessary parking restrictions in residential areas, traditional English front gardens have already been erased in favour of off road parking spaces.

Now we must add ugly bins to the dull front yards to complete the Shanty Town effect.

Walking around my neighbourhood, I see patches of Tarmac where roses and hollyhocks used to grow, now piled high with very, very expensive and hideous bins.

Due to lack of space, many of the bins have to stay out on the pavement as an unnecessary obstruction.

Love recycling? I’ve been recycling for years, in common with most people I know, taking my rubbish to allocated recycling centres.

This is always via a trip for some necessary errand, so please don’t talk to me about carbon footprints.

You think those bin lorries don’t have a carbon footprint equivalent to sasquatch?

It is because I love where I live – on planet Earth - that I recycle.

On what planet does the member of the council live who approved the pathetic and patronising slogan for the bins slung across the pavements of this town?

May I suggest that he or she applies for a job with Hallmark cards and takes with him/her whoever decided that ridiculously lengthy double yellow lines should be painted around the corners of residential roads where no one has ever complained of obstruction.

If the council were to spend more on essentials, such as street lighting and rectifying the uneven pavements, the accident waiting to happen when someone stumbles into or over a runaway bin might never occur.

But occur it will, and I will then love not only where I live, but also love encouraging and helping the aggrieved to sue for massive compensation.

Bring it on!


Bedford Grove,