I’ll find a venue for this discussion


I FOUND Annemarie Field’s recent column on euthanasia in the Herald stimulating and sympathetic.

It is amazing to me that Philip Nitschke is still prepared to come to Eastbourne again but I’m pleased that he is going to try again in a few months.

I told him I would be prepared to find a venue that would not let him down when he is next coming to the UK.

He contacted me on my mobile on Tuesday to say that he would be pleased for me to do that.

My mother was in a similar position to Annemarie’s which is why I feel strongly about it.

Above is a photograph which was taken on Monday, February 21, outside the Yacht Club in the harbour where I met some people who had turned up for the meeting having read your article the week before.

They did not know about the cancellation.

I know of quite a few people who would have gone to the meeting.

Kathy Beech

Royal Parade