I had no idea what Pinwe meant

Thank you for telling me about the remembrance events inside and outside the Redoubt museum on November 9.

I had no idea what Pinwe meant. Now I do. It’s a railway station in Burma, which took the “forgotten army” three weeks fighting the Japanese along the railway line to it in November,1944. The stone on the plinth, which

was unveiled and dedicated in the Pavilion Gardens triangle, says it all.

It is amusing to think the people of Eastbourne gave a flying angel after the Great War. It is in fact the Angel of Victory design submitted by sculptor Henry Charles Fehr 1867 – 1940) (easy to remember: “all is fehr in love and war”) an angel holding a downward pointing sword in one hand and a wreath in the other.

Understandably, over time it gets restricted to memorial services, but the custom was originally a national stoppage everywhere to remember the armistice telegrammed for 11.11.18 at 11.00 hrs.

This year it was the 94th. anniversary of the WW1 armistice.

ANDREW SOMERVILLE, Upperton Gardens.