I had a similar experience

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Email your letters to us

From: Patrick McCausland

Barcombe Close, Seaford

I was interested in the letter from Peter Cox and was glad he found the time to write.

I had a similar experience (stranded passengers at Lewes).

My wife and I left the train from London on platform 1. The lift was out of order.

She can climb steps only slowly. So I went on ahead to the Seaford train.

I arrived, got on the train and the doors started to close.

Fortunately I was able to put my foot out to prevent them closing, so when my wife arrived (and another passenger) they were able to get on.

Otherwise they would have been too late.

Surely it is wrong that passengers from London, who can’t move very fast cannot get the connection to Seaford?

In past years the guard would look up the stairs to see if anyone else was coming.