I find the sale of gollies depressing

No doubt, your story ‘Beyond the Pale’ will generate plenty of letters laying into the supposedly ‘politically correct’ reaction of those who criticise their sale.

I don’t want to get into that debate since anyone who has taken the trouble to read historical and sociological studies on the issue knows that (like the one about bringing back the Black and White Minstrels to our TV screens) it’s a debate that’s over: these dolls are a relic of African-American slavery and as such perpetuate racist stereotypes. Full stop.

What interests me is that for some reason enthusiasm for them appears to rise as one gets nearer to Beachy Head.

I note that the kiosk at the start of the South Downs Way proudly displays one on its wall. Some will find that outrageous. But no doubt some will be pleased. I just find it depressing.


Victoria Drive.