I don’t like use of the word ‘savings’

Thank you for inviting your readers to voice their opinion about the future of our precious DGH, as revealed last week by Darren Grayson, chief executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

First of all, I object to the repeated use of the word ‘savings’ when this is clearly about central government cuts, which are being enforced across our whole welfare system, with horrendous effects on even the most vulnerable children and old people.

Anybody who regularly reads a paper like The Guardian will find it derisory that Mr Grayson is blaming the management of previous regimes for the DGH’s current situation.

Sadly the previous regimes are still in place, making sure that the regulation of the ‘guilty’ banks is scarcely better than it was before the crash, why there is no effective curb on executive pay and bonuses and why successive governments still fail to act against the UK’s dependent tax havens.

It is all up to us to fight even harder than before, to protect our utterly essential services until one day we shall regain a genuine democratic government.

Theresia Williamson

Melvill Lane