I can’t work out the thre stooges

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The number of tourists coming to Eastbourne, Brighton and other seaside towns from long distances are likely to be reduced by the new penalties that are to be imposed on motorists.

Fining drivers £100 and imposing three points on their licence for staying mainly in the middle lane of a motorway, and further fines for slipping into the wrong lane on a roundabout, will deter people from driving - especially as those weaving from one motorway lane to another could increase the number of accidents rather than lessen them.

How farcical that the government should decide to deploy our police to punish motorists further instead of taking action against radical Islamic preachers like Anjem Choudary inciting hatred which surely led to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich (less than a mile from where I lived for many years). Amazingly, we continue to give Chourary £25,000 a year in benefits!

When will the Three Stooges – David Cameron, Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg – finally come to their senses and take drastic action to stop us being terrorised and intimidated by fanatical extremists?

They have also ignored demands for an EU referendum and a curb on immigration causing over-crowding, while the scandals over bankers’ bonuses, MPs’ expenses and peers being paid to lobby have been allowed to drag on and on.

Perhaps only when MPs from the three main parties lose seats to UKIP will Messrs. Cameron, Milliband and Clegg take action.

By then it could be too late and this once proud country that has already sunk so low under successive weak governments will be beyond saving.

The answer is to ignore the European Union and the Court of Human Rights by throwing out terrorists and illegal immigrants instead of giving them free hospital treatment and housing – the protection of our citizens is far more important!

Unless we do a U-turn people will be scared to venture out of their homes alone on foot and motorists will be hounded off the roads. And Eastbourne’s parking restrictions won’t help persuade tourists to return!


Brisbane Quay,