I am disgusted by the rubbish on our beaches

In reference to the article in the Eastbourne Gazette of August 27 about litter on our beaches:

I am not against asking for people to volunteer to clean our beaches of litter in any way.

But after attending the Eastbourne Airbourne Show this year I witnessed the general public and their children disposing of their rubbish on the beach after the show each day.

They failed to either take it home or dispose of it in rubbish bins provided at great expense by the council.

I was totally disgusted and felt very sorry for the large amount Kier cleansing staff employed over the four- day period that had to clear up the general litter and waste the public left behind each day.

I was employed as a community enforcement office by Eastbourne Borough Council from 2009 to 2012 and dealt with littering, dog fouling and fly tipping offences. The council policy at that time was to issue £75 fines to any person who threw rubbish on the ground or dog owners who failed to pick up their dog faeces, or prosecuted anyone who commented a fly tipping offence. I also served as a Voluntary Special Constable for 13 years with Sussex Police.

Yet the 20 per cent of the general public always made an excuse that they were unaware it was an offence to drop their cigarette ends or other litter in the streets a majority of the time when approached.

They were also unaware that failing to give their details when requested to do so they could be arrested, also failing to pay the fine they will have to go to court and could also receive a criminal record.

Over the years councils and the Government have fully educated the public and made them very aware of that littering is no longer accepted, but a small majority seem to ignore this because they are either very lazy or just do not care and willing for others to pick up their waste.

If children see their parents doing this then they seem to follow in their footsteps as they think it is acceptable to do the same.

There was another letter recently in the Herald by Baird, Entitled: Keep habits to yourself.

Where she made an observation of the amount of cigarette ends and chewing gum waste in the town centre and what’s wrong with people and if they must indulge in unsavoury habit, they at least can keep it to themselves.


Faygate Road.