Huge costs of Sovereign Harbour water feature

Water Feature - Sovereign Harbour South. You are no doubt very aware of all the problems the residents of the above development have and still are experiencing with the developers, Persimmon Homes, in respect of the monstrosity and white elephant which is the water feature.

My understanding was that it was a joint venture with the developers and Eastbourne Borough Council when the development was first built, although I might be incorrect as far as the council is concerned but they certainly did have some involvement.

The water feature has been poorly maintained, if at all, and a survey recently carried out identified a number of problems with it, some of which were serious.

The cost of maintaining this is astronomical and the developers are now intending to hand it over to the residents to pay for the upkeep and all the necessary repairs. It is in a disgusting and dangerous state.

It is not solely for the residents as the public can access it, so why should the residents have to pay towards it when strictly speaking it is a public place and this surely should be down to the Council.

Persimmon Homes and the Council are fully aware that, following a recent questionnaire, the vast majority of the residents voted for the water feature to be decommissioned, filled in and landscaped. Despite this, Persimmon decided to start carrying out repairs and have appointed an agent to take charge of collecting payments towards the costs of the feature, a cost of something like £490 per property of which there are 369.

Persimmon are bulldozing ahead and ignoring and refusing to acknowledge there is major problem and that the residents are just not interested in the feature. It is dangerous to walk near, the lights that are around it are quite often smashed, the steps are not painted with the strips that can be seen in the dark, the water is green and there is frequently debris in it where members of the public who won’t have to pay towards it just throw their rubbish in it.

We have a Water Feature Committee and a residents’ committee who are spending so much of their time in an effort to get this sorted out to the satisfaction of the residents who want it decommissioned and landscaped.

The majority of us have had to seek legal advice and it is now preventing sales going through because who wants to purchase a property and buy into this nightmare and incur all the problems it is bringing and the additional horrendous costs for something which is absolutely useless and an eyesore.

Various people at the council and Stephen Lloyd are aware of this issue but no help or assistance seems to be forthcoming from any of them.


Grenada Close