How wrong they were over snow

A FEW years ago our son had major operations at Stanmore, London, and the journey home by hospital car was very treacherous because of heavy snow.

In 2006 I had to travel to the Horder Centre to visit my husband.

It was a lovely day in April when I left Eastbourne but, by the time I changed buses at Uckfield, there had been snow and at Crowborough it was deeper still.

However, the trees at the hospital were looking beautiful which was appropriate as it was our Pearl Wedding. Again last February my husband had to go into the DGH by 7am on the day of the heavy snow which made the day very difficult for both of us.

When I was due to have minor surgery last week my family said ‘At least it is too early for snow’.

How wrong they were! With another operation due next year should we insist it is in the summer or will that cause a major upset with the weather!

Irene Woodgate

Hazelwood Avenue