How to get ready for switch to digital TV

I would like to reassure Mrs Scotcher and other readers of the Eastbourne Herald that a new aerial is generally not required for the digital TV switchover (TV switch over a costly affair, July 29).

If your existing aerial is in good condition and you currently receive a good analogue or digital picture then you should be able to watch digital television following switchover in May-June 2012.

However, all analogue TV sets will need converting to digital to work after switchover and allow viewers to enjoy many more channels than were available in analogue.

Virtually any analogue set, even black and white models, can be converted with a digital box and good quality models are available for around £20-£25.

If readers do decide to buy a new TV, digital box or recorder, they should look out for products that display the ‘digital tick’ logo. This means they are designed to continue working through switchover.

The Switchover Help Scheme can help those viewers aged 75 or over, or eligible disabled, to convert one TV to digital and if a new aerial is required this will be provided at no additional cost.

The Help Scheme will write directly to those eligible but for more information call 0800 40 85 900 or visit

Mrs Scotcher or any other readers with questions about switchover can get independent advice from Digital UK on 08456 50 50 50 or visit our website at

Bill Taylor,

manager, Meridian TV region, Digital UK.