How much? You must be joking


From: Alan Cooper

Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham

Re: ‘Terrible’ Hailsham High Street work.

My feeling is although the council are coming down on the side of the people of Hailsham and saying in essence it’s not our fault, someone in the council must have approved the plans for the roads which included using cobble stones set in sand, the sort you would choose for your own drive and not a road using up to five buses an hour plus many other heavy transport, tractors and animal vehicles going to the cattle market each week, so in no way suitable. The contractor would not go ahead without some council approval. I am now waiting for the first accident, such as when a bus goes into one of the collapsed cobbles. If I asked someone who did not know how much money had been spent on these roads what they thought I am sure they would have said you are joking.