How many stores do we need?

With the news that The Parkfield in Lindfield Road is about to join the list of pubs earmarked to be converted into a supermarket, it begs the question, ‘Just how many supermarkets are we going to allow in this town?’

We already have three huge supermarkets in Hampden Park alone. Some large pub chains like Punch, who own the Parkfield, are making huge losses and are deliberately running their pubs down in readiness to sell the land for ‘retail.’

Pubs are a social hub where local people meet and planners are allowing them to be replaced by supermarkets which led to the closure of local shops and the creation of the soulless neighbourhoods.

Eastbourne Planning department dealt with paperwork regarding the Parkfield application too slowly thus allowing the agents working for Punch to lodge an appeal.

I have contacted EBC three times to seek clarification without reply. Stephen Lloyd has ignored letters sent by me to him on this issue.

I applaud local protests like the Green Street action group who resist the threat to their local community.


Lindfield Road.