How could you stoop so low?

I shall long remember the afternoon of May 31 although not for the right reasons.

It all began promisingly enough with the sun shining in an almost cloudless sky. Here we had all the classic ingredients for a happy and trouble-free afternoon.

However, it was not to be thanks to the opportunistic, low-life thief who stole my wife’s wheelchair which we had left up against the sea wall some yards behind us, exactly where we had parked it innumerable times previously without incident.

In retrospect, it was of course imprudent to have left it out of our sight, but it never crossed our minds that someone could be so wicked as to steal a wheelchair.

As a long-time sufferer of CFS), my wife used the wheelchair quite extensively. The wheelchair in question is a robust, self-propellable model with large thin-spoked wheels and a blue vinyl seat, one corner of which bore a distinctive tear of about an inch and a half in length. If anyone has any information about this wheelchair I would be very grateful if they could contact Eastbourne Police.

I am saddened not so much by the loss of the wheelchair in monetary terms as by the blow this incident has dealt to my faith in some of my fellow men. How anyone could stoop so low as to steal a wheelchair is quite beyond me, and clearly nothing is sacred any more.

I could wish many a sleepless, remorse-filled night on the unscrupulous perpetrator of this appalling crime but that would be pointless as this person is obviously totally devoid of even a grain of conscience.


Meads Road