How could they think of removing wonderful hedge?

MY WIFE and I are frequent visitors to Eastbourne.

We were horrified, recently, to learn that the council proposes removing the hedge which protects Helen Gardens at the Meads end of the seafront.

This lovely evergreen, six-foot high hedge would be replaced by a cycle path! Is this wise - especially during a period of financial restraint?

Allegedly, the council were gifted a six-figure sum of money, by Berkeley Homes, during the construction of the flats, at the site of the former All Saints hospital - the money to be spent on local facilities/environment.

Can we suggest the money be spent for the benefit of all - not just the rarely observed cyclist.

Could we repair some of our pot-holed roads, road surfaces and sunken drain covers etc. These also cause hazards to cyclists. Let’s resurface some of the uneven pavements.

Could we spend some money on the crumbling Wish Tower Cafe? The Bandstand? The Pier?

Leaving the hedge to continue standing, as it is, would cost nothing, and also benefits all.

John Moss

Buxhall, Suffolk