How can we make Eastbourne a vibrant place to live?

I was encouraged to read of plans for a stylish piazza stretching from the railway station to the seafront.

Diesel Alley is a dreadful way to welcome visitors to our town and equally depressing for residents.

It is particularly galling when there is so obviously space for buses to park at the eastern side of the railway station.

It is time to think seriously about how to make the town a welcoming, vibrant place to live in and visit – and making central streets the preserve of pedestrians and people using bicycles and mobility scooters is surely fundamental to this. Duke Street in Brighton, George Street in Hastings and Folkestone’s old town are full of independent retailers and demonstrate how town centres can thrive even in tough economic times and when there’s fierce competition from out-of-town supermarkets and internet shopping.

The closure to traffic of South Street on December 7 for Little Chelsea’s annual Christmas festival might provide a glimpse of a better, less traffic-choked future for central Eastbourne.

ROBERT MCGOWAN, Parsonage Road.